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Many of our members prefer to act as marshals on the wide variety of events the club organises.

What does marshalling involve?

Quite simply, making motorsport happen because no events can take lace without marshals. You may be mustering cars for the next race at a circuit, checking competitors through a control on a rally or monitoring how far cars can climb a muddy hill. The list of jobs is long and varied – that’s why marshalling is never boring.

What qualifications do I need?

None. Just an interest in motorsport. What you will need though is to be totally reliable because the efficient and safe running of events will depend on you.

At what age can I start?

For circuit events such as racing and rallycross you will need to be at least 16 but other events such as trials, Autotests and road rallies will welcome your help if you are even younger and are supervised by one or both of your parents. There are no upper age limits.

What training will I get?

For many marshalling jobs a few minutes briefing from an experienced official will be enough. For others – like rescue work at a Grand Prix – crews have quite a lot of training; a national training and grading scheme operates, for which sessions are arranged around the country at regular intervals.

How many times a year will I be expected to marshal?

It is entirely up to you. The sport will be glad of your help on just one event although it is hoped you will do more; Croydon & District Motor Club operate championships for marshals exactly as they do for competition drivers.

Will I need any special clothing?

Not for most marshalling jobs although it is wise to have adequate clothing because the weather is the one thing that can’t be guaranteed!

Will I be insured while marshalling?

Yes. The Motor Sports Association arranges cover for signed-on marshals at all motor sport events run with an MSA permit, which includes most events within the UK.

Will I have to be registered?

You can register in the MSA Rally Marshals Register starting as a Grade 3 marshal and by a series of training sessions and marshalling experience you can upgrade to a Grade 1 marshal.